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New webshop ensures optimal customer service

Hesehus is behind Hesehus is behind dealer webshop for Aktiv Guld

One of the leading total suppliers for the gold and silversmith industry in The Nordic countries Aktiv Guld has gone live with a new dealer webshop. The webshop has been launched in Denmark as well as in Sweden with the aim to ensure the customers the best service.

Customers daily place a great number of very different orders, which are all handled manually, so Aktiv Guld has been very busy. And since the company via a high level of service and daily delivery also serves as a stock for many watchmakers, goldsmiths, etc., Aktiv Guld has experienced an increase in daily placing of new orders to be handled. To continue to be able to provide the best service to its customers, Aktiv Guld has in cooperation with Hesehus developed an e-commerce solution which benefits both the customers as well as Aktiv Guld. The customer obtains more flexibility in terms of the time of placing the order with the option of placing standard orders via self-service, and Aktiv Guld is able to release resources for other tasks such as maintenance of product data and not least servicing of more complicated orders that require personal service.

Lots of advantages for the customers

When logged in as a customer, the webshop offers many features and functions. As mentioned before, it is, i.a., possible to have the system calculate an estimated price based on the parameters which are relevant for the product in question. Furthermore, automatic information is provided when a discount can be earned if a customer buys more products in case of products with a quantity discount just like the customer is also automatically informed of other forms of discounts when placing an order, and invoice information is automatically provided from the customer’s master data.  

 The Aktiv Guld's retailer webshop provides lots of benefits to customers

Case details

Launched in May 2015


Webshop, PIM, DAM and CMS

Functions & features

Sophisticated price engine and language versioning


Denmark and Sweden

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