13 November 2020

Matas wins the Gold Award in the competition for the E-Commerce Award 2020

Last night, the Danish Chamber of Commerce Digital Trade hosted an event for the top of the Danish e-commerce industry for the award of this year’s e-commerce prizes, and last night's big winner was Matas which not only carried off the prize as 'Best omnichannel company' but also won the prestigious Gold Award. Hesehus won gold in the category ‘Best e-commerce case’ for its solution to Matas.

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Although the industry’s most desirable prizes were awarded virtually, the atmosphere among the participants was elated and the excitement among the hopeful finalists was noticeable all the way through the screen. For Matas and its regular e-commerce supplier, Hesehus, it was a very big triumph with 2 x gold and not least the E-Commerce Award’s finest acknowledgement, the Gold Award.

The Gold Award is awarded to the one of the 11 winners which the juror chairpersons, a number of Denmark’s most competent e-commerce experts, consider to be the most talented Danish online shop, and this year there was no doubt that the award should go to Matas.

- The jury’s argument

“This year’s Gold winner was not first mover. Actually, it was doubtful for long whether this e-commerce was here to stay. Today, the doubt has been replaced by a digital thoroughbred venture which the online shop as well as the physical shops benefit from. The company has invested heavily in new technology and allows the many new employees to follow new directions and seek innovative solutions. The venture has come to fruition and the Gold Award winner has raised its earnings as well as the bar to what Danish online shops can achieve. This influences the rest of the industry which like the consumers can visit this year's winner for inspiration and good advice. It is therefore well-deserved that the winner company for a while can replace the (body) stripes with the Yellow Jersey. This year’s Gold winner is Matas!"

2 x gold for Matas

The online success for the Danish beauty giant is certainly visible since matas.dk for the latest 10 quarters (April 2018 – September 2020) has experienced an online growth of more than 50% with an impressive 115% growth in the last quarter and is today the fourth most used webshop in Denmark. An achievement which placed Matas on top of the rostrum in last night’s category ‘Best omnichannel company’ for its ability to create a sublime and coherent customer experience before, during and after the purchase across the company’s channels and platforms.

In Matas’s e-commerce team headed by e-commerce director, Brian Andersen, the enthusiasm was huge when representatives from the Danish Chamber of Commerce Digital Trade surprised Matas during the show by presenting the prize for ‘Best omnichannel company’ and afterwards the prestigious Gold Award.

Matas wins the Gold Award 2020

Brian Andersen, Ecommerce Director at Matas

“We are so happy! This is the prize we most of all wanted to win because it is a prize for all of Matas. We have the shops, we have our club, we have our online shop, we have our stock and we have all of it play together in one unit. And what we can see is that when the customers start to shop across several channels, they buy more. So we say thank you very much to all employees and thanks a lot to all suppliers. We are so proud!”

Matas’ CEO Gregers Wedell-Wedellsborg has also very flattering remarks to the entire Matas organisation

“We did not have the courage to dream about this three years ago. Everybody in Matas has had many sleepless nights wondering whether we would catch the digital train because our competitors in this field are so incredibly talented. And I must say that standing here with the team responsible for it all and the 2,000 other people in Matas is really, really awesome! Thank you so much Niels and everybody”

Gold for Hesehus

Matas’s regular e-commerce partner, Hesehus, also went straight to the top when they won gold in the category ‘Best e-commerce case’ for their e-commerce solution to Matas. The gold is awarded to the web agency or supplier which via their solution for the e-commerce company has made a difference to the company and strengthened its position, e.g. in the form of increased sales, better service and user experience or a better bottom line. The jury, selected by the Danish Chamber of Commerce Digital Trade, explained the reason behind selecting Hesehus as the winner:

- The jury’s argument

“The cooperation between Hesehus and Matas is extremely ambitious and characterised by a strong common team spirit. They move far and wide but are constantly able to focus on the user experience and the growth. They have accelerated innovation and are, among other things, first movers on visual search and voice based search. The innovative and bold approach pays: Matas is quickly advancing on the list of most used webshops and has had more than 50% online growth for more than nine months. At the same time, the interaction between the e-commerce and the physical shop is top notch and the number of omnichannel orders has increased by 77% in 2019. Congratulations to Hesehus and Matas”

Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus

“To us the past 10 years of close cooperation with Matas has been and still is a great pleasure. To be able to work with a true omnichannel retailer such as Matas, which constantly raises the bar, is first mover on many of the e-commerce initiatives we experience in Denmark, and which continuously challenges us, is not just important to us as a company but is certainly also a driving force which encourages and motivates our employees. And with more than 50% online growth 10 quarters running, two gold statuettes and not least the highest acknowledgement in the form of the Gold Award, we have to pinch ourselves now and then” 

The E-Commerce Award 2020

With the three new prizes, Hesehus has now been helping Danish e-commerce companies to as many as 24 top positions in the competition for the E-Commerce Award – including eight of the most distinguished kinds: Lemvigh-Müller in 2012, Matas in 2013 and 2020, Inspiration in 2015 and 2017, DLG and A.O. Johansen with BilligVVS in 2019 and Hesehus for Matas in 2020. A collection which now also includes the Gold Award with Matas 2020.

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