1 October 2018

The growth continues – one of Denmark’s largest e-commerce houses reaches 100 employees 

The development has been rapid for one of Denmark’s leading e-commerce houses, Hesehus, which appoints employee number 100 on 1 October. The reason is an all-time high order book which not only includes newly arrived customers but is also very much a result of an increasing demand from the company’s existing customers that count large Danish brands such as Matas, BabySam, Kansas and Wupti.

Press release

With a 12 % growth in the first half of 2018, Danish e-commerce is still developing rapidly and this has an impact on the e-commerce specialists from Odense, Hesehus. The company, which is located on the harbour of Odense and opened its doors in 2002 with seven employees, has recently welcomed employee number 100 due to a large demand from new as well as existing customers.

Our order book broke the record in September and the tendency seems to continue and as a result we are now appointing more employees. Specifically, it is a few large, new Hesehus customers that have helped to increase the order book but in general, during the past year, we have experienced an increasing demand from our existing customers for new, large projects but also for large expansions of their existing solutions” says Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus and he continues:

This requires more talented employees and it has therefore been a pleasure to welcome 11 new members of Hesehus within the last couple of months. Being part of all this right from the beginning means that we are actually pinching ourselves when thinking about the fact that we are now a team of 100 employees, but this has been part of our strategy plan since 2016 which means that the growth has been planned and follows our ambitious goals for the future Hesehus”.

Ét af Danmarks største e-handelshuse runder 100 mand

The increasing demands for e-commerce require new competences
In recent years, e-commerce has become a quite central and essential part of the business strategy of most large companies and - in line with the customers' increasing expectations for the ultimate shopping experience on the Internet - this has an obvious impact on the e-commerce house from Odense:

”We develop e-commerce solutions for Top 1000 companies in Denmark and Scandinavia for whom e-commerce is crucial for their businesses, and the increasing demands from their customers are quite naturally reflected in the expectations to us as an e-commerce supplier. As a result, we are continuously assessing our in-house competences and are expanding with new resources and competencies, allowing us to constantly be at the forefront and able to help our customers to satisfy their ambitious online goals. Right now we have four vacant positions, including a software architect, which we would like to fill this autumn” says Lars Hedal.

The need for new resources and competences has already resulted in new types of appointments in Hesehus, e.g. the appointment of a solution architect as part of the continued development of Hesehus’s e-commerce platform Bizzkit and the set-up of a dedicated analysis team that will help the customers to optimise their businesses within areas such as Google Analytics, SEO and business development.

For more information contact

​​​​​​​Lars Hedal, +45 40 25 50 83 or hedal@hesehus.dk

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Once again, we have hired a handfull of clever and dedicated colleagues on the harbor in Odense. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce a Solutions Architect, a UX’er, two Senior Developers and a Project Student.
Today, Google is launching its voice-activated, digital assistant, Google Assistant, in Danish. Matas is one of the few selected Danish brands that take part from the beginning. And Matas’s regular e-commerce house for the past seven years, Hesehus, is of course responsible for the development of Matas’s contribution to Google Assistant.