Case: Erenfred Pedersen A/S

All in on digitalisation

 Erenfred Pedersen A / S is Total supplier of machines and equipment for construction and plant

Total supplier of machines and equipment for construction and plant Erenfred Pedersen A/S (EP) was founded in 1966 and has right from the beginning based its business on three commercial key values: guidance, sales and service. To continue to provide the best service and be a long-term business partner for existing as well as new customers, EP made the decision after 45 years to rethink the entire organisation, all procedures and go all in on digitalisation – without compromising on its key values. This resulted in a new, ambitious e-commerce solution developed on the Bizzkit e-commerce platform.

 The e-commerce solution ensures expert knowledge within the entire EP product range for construction and civil engineering

Expert knowledge in record time

To EP, the new e-commerce solution quickly turned out to be very important in the training of new salespersons but also in the distribution of the product knowledge among the most experienced salespersons. The solution makes EP’s salespersons feel very well equipped when it comes to production information – even for the products which the experienced salesperson does not sell most of and therefore does not have the largest experience with. With the webshop, all information is available at all times and this makes EP’s group of salespersons experts within the entire range of products.

Having the new webshop solution as its focal point for the entire business of the company, EP has now obtained a system which is adjusted and created to match customers as well as salespersons. By moving towards a more digital customer approach by means of the new sales tools, EP has expanded its market, gained the possibility of a better customisation to the individual customer and not least prepared its salespersons even better as well as optimised the internal working procedures.

Martin Juhl Karlsen, E-business chef at Erenfred Pedersen A/S

”As a competent and able to deliver business partner, Hesehus has been able to deliver an e-commerce solution which in EP means that we can realise our visions and objectives for the future. Hesehus understands our everyday life and can therefore deliver a solution which lifts our entire business. Right from a strategic level to a completely simple challenge. With Hesehus’s solution we have thus been able to digitalise large parts of our business for the benefit of customers as well as salespersons"

Case details

Launched in August 2015


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Sophisticated filtering, flexible attribute engine and discount calculation for personalised prices

Unique sales functions

Salespersons who can place orders on behalf of the customer, gain in-depth insight into order history as well as comprehensive production information ready for presentation

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