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We are greatly engaged in the study environment especially in Funen, e.g. at the University of Southern Denmark and Lillebaelt Academy. This is because we are very aware of the knowledge and potential the students represent and we often enter into collaborations on internships or study projects.

If you have an internship at Hesehus together we will identify the specific tasks that develop your professional competencies and at the same time give us insight into a certain field.

If you are interested in entering into a collaboration on a study project, you are welcome to contact us, and we can go through different topics if you like or you can enlighten us with your own ideas for your project. You are always welcome to us send an e-mail if you have any further questions.

Involvement is key, and we never enter into a collaboration if we are not able to make the necessary resources and the correct guidance available.

If you are interested in an internship or want to work with us on a study project, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application here.

Attach your personal application, your CV and your grades from your study – then we will have better prerequisites for evaluating your profile and get back to you quickly.

Tobias Brodersen, intern at Hesehus

Tobias Brodersen
3-months internship in 2017, computer scientist, EAL

"In connection with my education to become a computer scientist at EAL, I did my internship at Hesehus where I was working on their platform products. It was awesome to have my competences brought into play and the amount of confidence from the architects was overwhelming. In the meetings, my opinion and arguments were considered on equal terms and I quickly felt part of the team. In addition to the work, Hesehus is a nice place to come in the morning where people greet you because they want to and not because they have to. You are always met with a smile – this characterises the atmosphere in Hesehus. An open, cheerful and motivating office having freedom with responsibility on the top shelve"

Eric Will, intern at Hesehus

Eric Will
3-months internship in 2017, International Business Communication, SDU

"As an intern in the marketing department at Hesehus, I was working with marketing analyses such as a comprehensive digital marketing analysis and an analysis of the company’s use of social media. Hesehus provided a good working environment to work creatively and individually and it was also a very social workplace – I felt it right away. It was very valuable to me to have theory put into practice and that I was working with the things I have learned during my studies. Most importantly, I found out what I want to work with in the future and this is worth a lot to me"

Jens Hjort Schwee, In-Company Period at Hesehus

Jens Hjort Schwee
4-months In-Company Period in 2017, Software Engineering, SDU

"In connection with my MSc in Software Engineering, I did my In-Company Period program at Hesehus. I worked on a project relating to the use of beacons to create personalised content via apps. It was interesting to use the theoretical knowledge from my studies for a practical company project. It was amazing to experience how to become part of the company where there was always time for discussions with the project managers and where everybody welcomed my input"

Mette Reinholt Mortensen, COO at hesehus

”We see a large potential in the students given that they bring new insight and knowledge that challenges the way we work. We strive to create a framework that ensures the students being challenged and able to develop. In return, we expect them to take responsibility for their own learning. This is crucial to a successful and rewarding collaboration for both the students and us as company"

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