Design and produce catalogues, price lists and product presentations efficiently, fast and with full design freedom – choose Hesehus Catalogue production.

Save time and marketing money

Choose Hesehus fully automatic or semi-automatic Catalogue production, make your working procedures more efficient and save money in the budget. Hesehus Catalogue Production is of course linked to the Hesehus 6 Platform allowing you to retrieve all images and product information directly from your media bank and PIM.

Few clicks to complete catalogue
Use the pre-defined templates in Hesehus fully automatic catalogue production and produce price lists, product presentations and catalogues in just a few clicks. The end result is a ready-to-print PDF file.

Full design freedom
With Hesehus semi-automatic catalogue production, text and images are automatically imported from your media bank and PIM into InDesign allowing you to concentrate 100% on the design. No limitations, only full design freedom.

Save time with Hesehus Catalogue production

Update in one place

Retrieve data from PIM and media bank

Ensure brand consistency

Standardise tone and style in all printed material

Flexible design

Use pre-defined templates or have full design freedom

Endless language versioning

Supports all languages

Faster time-to-market

Efficient and time-saving

Optimise for the individual customer

Produce customer specific catalogues and price lists


Design and production via Hesehus Catalogue Production

Christina Ulrich Bruus-Jensen, Marketing Manager at ICM A/S

"In the autumn of 2015, we produced the first 480 pages catalogue via the catalogue solution and we are really proud of the final result which we have issued in 15,000 copies”

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