28. juni 2019

Hesehus hire a director for Bizzkit

The internationalization of Hesehus’ proprietary e-commerce platform Bizzkit has got a flying start on the Swedish market. The build-up of the international partner channel has been underway for nearly a year and with the recently disclosed partnership with Kodexe, the channel is now counting seven Swedish partners. Therefore, Hesehus is now taking the next step in the process and welcome a strong profile within the IT industry as Director of Bizzkit.

Experienced IT-profile will ensure continues success outside Denmark’s borders

As part of the long-term and ambitious internationalization process of Hesehus’ proprietary e-commerce platform Bizzkit, we welcomed Lars Høgsted when he started as Director of Bizzkit on 19. June.

Lars is 55 years old and started his carrier with a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Southern Denmark in 1990. With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, hereof 13 years at Configit Inc. as a sales executive and finally CEO and most recently as CEO at Stongminds, Lars will contribute with that solid experience and knowledge within the software industry, which is needed to take Bizzkit further out on new international markets. As Director of Bizzkit, Lars will, therefore, be the spearhead of Bizzkit and together with the rest of the team he will drive the ongoing work with the international partner channel and ensure the platforms continues international success.   

Lars Høgsted, Director of Bizzkit

Lars Høgsted, Director of Bizzkit, looks forward to the cooperation

”During the last 17 years Hesehus has developed Bizzkit as one unique complete platform to themselves and thus also to other ambitious e-commerce houses. Together with the rest of the team I look forward to see Bizzkit’s special recipe win more e-commerce baking competitions in this country and especially new bake-offs throughout the world.”  

Rene Nordtorp Janssen, developer a Hesehus

Hesehus welcome new talent nationally as well

Nationally, Hesehus also continue to be on the crest of the waves, and we keep getting bigger and more exciting projects in the door. To be able to continue to deliver on our customers’ e-commerce ambitions, we expand our team of skilled tech-talents continuously and this time around we are happy to introduce Rene Nordtorp Janssen, who we welcomed one the harbour in Odense on 1. June.

Rene is 30 years old and educated Bachelor of Engineering in IT from University of Southern Denmark in 2017. Previously Rene has been working as a Senior Developer at Netcompany. As Developer at Hesehus Rene will be part of the team working on solutions for customers like Fazer and Wupti.

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